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Cats Eye Of New York City Takes The Podium Yet Again By Winning At The 14th Annual Horizon Interactive Awards Competition

Cats Eye was recognized for their merit with a Gold award in the – Websites – Restaurant / Food category and a Bronze award in – Websites – Real Estate / Consumer Information category. The gold was awarded for their work with Amorelli Realty (Astoria, NY), re-branding for the best website including design, development, and content. The bronze award was bestowed for their work with Soho Café & Grill (Astoria, NY), re-branding for the best design, content, functionality, and online ordering.

The Über-creative marketing team at Cats Eye, seems to perform well under the limelight as this is their third consecutive year winning at the Horizon Interactive Awards. Whether it’s your local startup or your international brand, Cats Eye has worked with and delivered award-worthy results.

“We at Cats Eye are so excited and honored to have won best branding, website, and development in Real Estate and Restaurant. We competed with over 40 countries worldwide and tens of thousands of entries from other Marketing Agencies. Achieving nothing but excellence for Amorelli Realty and Soho Café and Grill has been so rewarding as we focus on our community businesses. However, you’re only as good as the people behind your business, the reason for such success is that Cats Eye is built upon the foundation of the most talented and creative people in the industry, who naturally fosters and deliver outstanding work. I would also like to thank our Councilman, Costa Constantinides, for The Council of the City of New York Recognition Award, and the amazing people at Amorelli Realty and Soho Café and Grill,” Said, Sonja Mylonas, CEO of Cats Eye.

Photo Credit: Angel Rodriquez

“Congratulations to Cats Eye for being recognized with both a Gold and Bronze at the Horizon Interactive Awards. We are proud that they were honored for the marketing campaigns they developed for Amorelli Realty and Soho Café. We applaud Cats Eye on this important achievement.” Said, Council Member Costa Constantinides.

Cats Eye’s Work:

Amorelli Realty, a staple in the community of Astoria, New York for nearly 40 years. Cats Eye completely rebranded the realty powerhouse from the ground up. From revamping their logo to an immersive website to collateral needed by their agents to make the sale.

Photo Credit: Angel Rodriquez

“We wanted to give ourselves a more modern look to go along with the times.” Paul Halvatzis, Lic. Real Estate Associate Broker / Owner, Amorelli Realty, Astoria, NY.

“We thought the old logo and website needed to be updated. It had served us well for many years, but we felt it was time for something better.” Jim Halvatzis, Lic. Real Estate Associate Broker / Owner, Amorelli Realty, Astoria, NY.

“I supported rebranding because I felt it was important for the office to have a cleaner and neater image.” Matthew Halvatzis of Amorelli Realty, Astoria, NY.

“The competition in Astoria has become fierce over the past few years with all of the new development coming in and new real estate companies popping up, I knew it was imperative to Amorelli’s future that they rebrand their logo and redesign their website in order to stay relevant and appealing to all of the new potential clients moving in. Cats Eye was my first and only choice because they provide top notch work across the board. They handled the job with pure professionalism and outstanding workmanship from start to finish. Introducing Amorelli to Cats Eye was a no brainer as I knew they would be a perfect match and turn out an awesome timeless product.” Lauren Cornea, former employee of Amorelli Realty, Astoria, NY.

Photo Credit: Angel Rodriquez

Soho Café and Grill was designed was one focus – bring eatery into the digital age with an appetizing website that was also streamlined to make online ordering the main functionality of the website.

 “Being visually appealing in our restaurant is important to us and we’d like to think we’ve accomplished that. The next step in our branding was our online presence, we’ve seen and heard of Cats Eye’s work and are extremely please with the end results and our relationship.”  Alex, Owner, Soho Café & Grill, Astoria, NY.

 About Cats Eye

Photo Credit: Angel Rodriquez

Cats Eye is an award-winning business-to-business marketing, design and consulting agency founded and headquartered in Astoria, New York. Focused on creating a unique brand identity for a multitude of industries, our creative team will personally work with you on your designs, content, social media marketing, website development and printing needs. Cats Eye is where ideas are brilliant realities.

 About the Horizon Interactive Awards

The 14th annual, international competition saw over 1100 entries from 21 countries around world including: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Martinique, Malaysia, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Spain, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

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